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2014 is the Chinese year of the Horse.

Did you know that 31st January is Chinese New Year and this year it is the symbol of the horse? Now you may think mentioning horses with diving is a little strange? But there are more things in common than you first thought.  To start with; out in the bay you have the chance to spot a seahorse with our House Reef Explorer , another fact is POSEIDON was the god of the sea and horses and finally we rarely see white horses (white waves) in our calm Red Sea.

So now the connection of sea+horses is made what does the year of the horse have install? The year of the horse represents unexpected adventure and surprising romance? It is an excellent year for travel, and the more far away and off the beaten path the better.  So why not fall in love with liveaboard diving and book a trip on our luxury liveaboard V.I.P One.  You will dive off the beaten track, experience adventure and who knows maybe a little romance.

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