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A nice easy day awaits. I have been with repeat guests this week on the boat, and the amount of time they spend out here, they might as well give up the day job (which must pay very well!) and move out here. It’s always nice to see guests again, after a week on the boat, we share so many stories and know so much about our guests, and visa versa, that it seems a shame that you won’t see them again. Wondering what their first grandchild was named afterall, did they get the promotion they were waiting on or even if they enjoyed the diving destination you suggested. So its nice to find out all those things when they return and it makes your days out on the boat seem more like being paid to socialize with your friends (sorry Boss!)

So with Tiran our choice today, we head out. It’s almost like fun diving today as my group are all guests who have met on previous dive trips with us and make an effort to come out at the same time. The banter is hilarious (and mainly aimed at me) and its nice to hit the water if only for some peace and quiet.)  We are being doubly treated today, with no wind (flat calm) and no current. With such nice conditions and good divers, I decide to aim for a full circuit of Thomas. It’s rarely achievable, but with no current we might just make it.

In we go, and after 40 minutes we are looking good. We just need another 20 minutes and we’ll be back where we started.  It’s on minute 42 that I realise I can no longer hear bubble, causing me to whip round to see where everyone is. Below me and in the blue is my answer. But then again, so is the Manta that everyone is staring at. The stare becomes a chase, one which the manta obviously wins, and my divers are soon back at the reef, frantically signaling 50 bar everywhere. We surface about 50m from where we started, with excited screams greeting the boat as they pick us up.

Not that the novelty of a manta has worn off, but I had a plan. And that Manta ruined it. Oh well, I can always try again next week, unlike the guests. Although come to think of it, it was a really cool manta.

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