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As a thick blanket of snow starts to cover Europe, here in Sharm, we are contemplating changing out of our flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts as winter sets in. Out on our dive boats the chill from the wind can still make you feel quite cold after a dive. For all the divers planning a winter break out here, we have some tips for keeping warm during and in-between diving.

1. Choose a good wetsuit
A snug fitting wetsuit, although possibly unflattering and tiresome to put on, will reduce the flow of water in and out of your suit. A constant flood of cold water will take heat away from your body faster than you can generate it.
2. Warmer with a hood
A hood will also have a dramatic impact on your warmth. The body can loose up to 35% of its heat from the head, although not a winner in the style stakes, you will find the benefits can outweigh your vanity.
3. Hot drinks
A nice hot drink will warm from the inside out, although coffee is not a great idea as it restricts the blood flow to the limbs. Get in the saloon and make yourself a nice cup of tea, while you are there; mine is white with two sugars!
4. Wear a jacket on the boat
This winter join the anorak contingent with a wind proof jacket. The sea is notoriously breezy and the wind will blow over you, taking warmth, like the most efficient air-conditioning unit. A small pack-a-mac in your luggage will be a welcome addition to your dive kit.
5. Get your kit off!!!
Seriously… take off your wet-suit as soon as possible after the dive, dry off and put on dry clothing even a dry set of swimwear will make a vast difference. Hanging your suit in the winter sun will also make the suiting up for the second dive a great deal more tolerable.
6. Dive with a dry suit

Get a dry-suit and learn how to use it. Our instructors will be able to train you with a PADI Dry Suit Specialty Course , within a day you will know how to dive safely, deal with problems and maintain your suit. Once comfortable you can then brave your cooler conditions at home.

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