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My turn to hit the bay today, and with a couple of people who have never dived and are doing the Discover Scuba Diving program with me. They are a young couple who are really excited. As am I when I realise they are Australian. Why? Now I’m not one to generalize, but in my experience, Aussies are pretty much water babies and normally take to diving like a duck to water!
As they reel off their normal activities, surfing & long distance swimming being but two of a long list, I can see I’m in for an easy day. There’s no faffing when it comes to putting the wetsuits on, they are seasoned pros. They are kitting up better than many qualified divers I’ve come across.
When we get underwater, which we do in record time, they are not phased by anything. Can they clear a mask? Apparently they find it easier to fully remove it. Regulator recovery? They never noticed it was missing, such was the relaxation in their faces.
Once we start swimming, although they are a little on the quick side, and repeated requests for them to slow down are pretty much ignored, they are naturals. This seems more like guiding the house reef than a new divers course. We spend time with the lion fish, the pipe fish and of course Nemo.  Soon though, the rapid swimming catches up with them and we headed back in as air is getting low.
After a thorough debrief and explanation about why they need worry about how much they breathe in this sport, we have a much more relaxed second dive, where at one point I’m not sure that the boyfriend is not asleep as we hover over a lovely urchin. The smallest of arm movements lets me know he is indeed awake and we carry on.
It’s always a shame when people like this leave diving until the end of their holiday, as it means I don’t have time to teach them the full course, which they are now promising to do when they get home.
I always also find it strange when people have this on their doorstep but don’t try it until they are on holiday. Having said that, in all the time I’ve been here, I’ve never seen the Pyramids….

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