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The weather has taken a turn for the better and is finally heating up. And with that said, I land an office day! It can’t be all diving diving diving in this job. You have to be willing to turn your hand to anything that is asked of you, and today that means working on the counter at our satellite centre. Believe me, there are worse things that can happen than being paid to sit and look at the sea all day whilst relaxing in a nice little beach hut.

Running the counter is a varied job, and definitely a different skills set to diving. I’ve got to chat to guests about diving, check people in and out and prepare the bills, as well as making sure the instructors are where they should be at any given moment in time. As if that wasn’t multi-tasking enough, you then throw in the Fish Identification you are expected to instantly make for the snorkellers, the first aid required after a sharp stone is stepped on, directions given to the toilet/pool/showers and you can see why women normally get this job!

After a busy morning, and trying to resist the temptation to strip to my bikini, grab a book and relax on a sun-lounger (strictly not allowed), the afternoon sees the temperature soar, and the beach empties as guests take the chance to have a small siesta or enjoy an afternoon beverage. I start to get really hot and the rippling water becomes too inviting. After bribing one of the instructors to watch the counter for a few minutes, I’m headed down the jetty for a quick swim.

As I jump in I put my head under the water as I start off (I can’t swim without a mask on these days, strange). The shallow water is reflecting the light in a beautiful natural display and the fish life is abundant. 400m later and I’m suitably cooled off and slip back behind the desk.

Not a glamorous day as they go, but who else gets to swim in a natural swimming pool, complete with fish every day, and not have to pay membership? Me!!!!

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