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Discover Scuba Diving is a really popular programme with people who have heard about the wonders of the Red Sea but don’t have the time (or inclination!) to do a full course. My guests today are raring to go and a little birdie tells me that they have been firing questions non-stop on the bus here. I like a bit of enthusiasm, it normally points to an easy day!

After the short briefing I too am inundated with questions. Now this can be the bane of an instructor’s life…student questions. Now don’t get me wrong, if they are sensible questions then I have all the time and patience in the world for a student. If however they are the result of the student blatantly thinking about what do have for dinner that night whilst they should have been listening, then it’s a different matter! Luckily today it’s the former. Questions about fish are the main topic, as these two are avid snorkelers and are keen to identify as much as possible. With a quick sleight of hand, I produce my fish book, which proves to be popular reading, and I practically have to prise it out of their hands so we can actually go and see some of them!

Once kitted up, it’s into the water. These two are brilliant, fins are on in a jiffy and they almost beat me when it came to deflating and kneeling down. The skills are done in record time and I start thinking every instructors worst nightmare….a PADI plant! Some people are just too good, and you start to get suspicious after a while (I’m not telling you if this m

ythical creature exists, it would spoil the fun!).

On our Open Water dive the brilliance continues, as we swim around I feel comfortable to actually let them hover and look closely at some creatures. It’s just as well, because the fish taking centre stage today are all little things. Some Pipefish, a Flat worm and even a Dwarf lion fish grace us with their presence! What a great dive.

As soon as we surface my students look upset. I for the life of me figure out why. They were so enthusiastic. Maybe they didn’t like the little critters, maybe they were expecting more. I dread asking, but I can’t ignore these two sad faces in front of me.

When I get my answer, I can’t help but smile! Any idea why I could possibly be breaking a grin at such a bad time? “We wish we hadn’t spend time on camels and jeeps…. we could have done our course!”

They’ll be back!

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