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When you book a PADI training course at the Red Sea Diving College there are a couple of forms you need to complete before can begin your SCUBA adventure.  To make it easier and faster please feel free to click our diving downloads. You can then complete the forms and have them ready before you arrive on your holiday in Sharm el Sheikh.

If you are already a PADI Open Water Diver, you will be familiar with these forms. If you are new to SCUBA diving but keen to get started, it is also a good idea to click our diving downloads. The three diving downloads available are required on all PADI courses.

The PADI Medical statement is a straightforward form asking you simple medical questions with yes or no answers which are important for your diving safety.  With the PADI liability release and the PADI statement, you just need to read them carefully and fill in the blanks with your full name and details and then date and sign.

To view and print a copy of the diving downloads as PDF files, you’ll need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader™ installed on your computer.

 PADI diving downloads

Red Sea Diving College Downloads

  • PADI Medical Statement (PDF)
  • PADI Liability Release (PDF)
  • PADI Statement (PDF)

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