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With the air temperature heating up nicely, it looks like it might be a hot summer. Today is the second day of an Advanced course for my student, a gentleman who is very keen on his diving, after qualifying us last year, who is holidaying with a not so water happy wife. He has been given a pass for two days and decided that was best used to build his diving skills set by doing the Advanced Course. He figured he could learn more from doing the course rather than two days fun diving and hence, became my student!
We covered Peak Performance Buoyancy, Fish ID and Navigation yesterday, so today we are doing the Deep and Drift dive. Deep is a great dive to have under your belt as it then opens up new areas of dive sites that you may have visited before and the Drift dive teaches invaluable skills to make guests more independent as buddy teams.

Deep dive is always conducted from a mooring, as well as always being the first dive of the day.  As we descend down, it doesn’t really change much for us in terms of visibility or light, lucky things that we are!  From our kneeling point at the bottom, I point to the surface, where even from 30m we can still see the rippling water on the top!  Skills done, we head for a ‘normal’ dive and enjoy a few minutes with a lovely turtle who is munching away on the coral, either oblivious to us or simply not bothered, either way he is the highlight of the dive for my student!With just drift to go, I brief the dive and soon we are back in the water. Again, this dive has a ‘normal dive’ element to it, as the skills really come into their own when it comes to getting yourself picked up by the boat. I’ve told the student the procedures, anyone familiar with Sharm knows all about the various dive centres ‘signals’, and how important it is that they signal the correct boat!  Upon surfacing, it is up to the guest to get us back, so I leave him to it. I should point out that I am willing to intervene if I see this about to go wrong, mostly to save my face in the bar later!
But no help needed and we are back on board with a cup of coffee before I know it.  My student is very pleased with himself and is really happy with what he has learnt in during our 5 dive together.

He even suggested that is was just like fun diving, but more fun!

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