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Sat behind the counter, it’s just another sunny and hot day in Sharm…

Being a sociable centre, Red Sea Diving College are quite used to people wondering in and out. However, nothing could prepare us for what happened next. In walks a lady with her hands cupped in front of her and announces ‘I wonder if you know what to do with this’ as she reveals… a baby turtle! Well, that doesn’t happen every Friday!


DSC09914Hanna, one of the college instructors, realises that it really should be back in the water, as it probably only hatched the night before and, in a somewhat manic rush, charged back to the sea with her precious cargo.  “It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen” said Hanna, “It was desperately trying to swim, I just wanted to get it back into the open sea before it injured itself”.

Once in the water, she was able to release it without drawing too much attention to the little fella, in the hope he would find his way without becoming a tourist attraction.


The find would explain why the resident female turtle had been seen in the shallows of the confined area a few weeks beforehand… a rather dangerous place to hang out voluntarily unless you like snorkelers, boats and pedalos especially, if you are about to lay dozens of eggs!

Once the excitement had settled, and the turtle having swam safely away to join his brothers (or sisters, who knows!), after a short search the site of the nest was identified. Lying only feet from the waters edge, the hole was only small but the giveaway was the hundreds of tiny indentations in the sand from the countless flippers that had made their way across it in the dead of night, headed for the sea, guided by the moon, the night before.  Ahhhhhh

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