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Back to the bay for me and the final day of an Open Water course is ahead. We only have two dives to do and we are finished. My guests has been really determined during this course, as he gets violently sea sick, hence the last day is in the bay instead of on the boat. No amount of medication has worked fully, so he decided that he would rather stick close to shore for his last day. Wise move, as it looks a little windy out there!  We have discovered that he is much better underwater than on the top so we have been limiting ‘chatting’ on the surface and getting under as soon as possible.  The plus side to this is I am also saving myself from getting the dreaded mask / sleeve / shorts / bootie tan marks that plague us in the sun. (It’s a hard life!)
We are blessed with calm seas in the bay and when he realises that he is not being moved by anything other than his own fin kicks, I notice that he actually looks like he is enjoying himself, rather that willing himself through. Even the mask flood is done with a smile, as are the rest of the skills.  We head to the back reef and are treated to a baby clown fish having a play around and an abundance of wart slugs that I realise I haven’t seen in a few months here.
Over lunch, which he manages to eat and keep down, which is a first this week, the second dive goes without a hitch and I’m so pleased he seems to have found his feet, as it were.As we enjoy a celebratory drink at the end of the day, whilst reaching for his wallet, he realises he forgot to take the second motion sickness tablet this afternoon.

Maybe his body just admitted defeat, or maybe it was mind over matter, but either way he’s the happiest diver I’ve seen in a long time! Maybe I should mention a boat dive?

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