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Red Sea Diving College staff and guests were more than happy to help out with the July underwater clean up, organised by CDWS and the Ras Mohammed National Park, and joined more than 120 divers to help collect rubbish from over 1 kilometre of reef from Jackfish Alley to Eel Garden.

A Technical team meant the reef was covered down to 50m.Items collected included ropes, anchors, containers and bottles.  Of 150kg of waste collected, the majority was fishing line, which proved hard to collect and untangle!

All divers were fully briefed by National Park rangers on what to take, what to leave and how to cut away fishing line in the safest and most environmentally friendly way.
The clean-up event was the first in a series of projects run by the CDWS and National Parks of Egypt to enable the dive community throughout the region to help to protect ecologically important areas and to highlight the problems of illegal and destructive fishing.
Dr Mohammed Salem, the director of the National Park South Sinai Protectorates office said: ‘It was a great start. From what we have seen the biggest problem is in the deep water. I think it will raise awareness – we plan to send to fishing authorities pictures and documentation to show the impact of illegal fishing in Ras Mohammed and the rest of the South Sinai region. We hope to see many more such clean-ups across the whole of the South Sinai.’

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