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Big Stuff – First Sightings!

The first 2006 Whale Shark sighting has been confirmed! On 10th May, a beautiful 6m male was encountered by our very own Ivonne at Middle Garden. The Whale Shark, purely a plankton eater, was seen in just 5m of water, and could clearly be seen from the surface and caused a lot of excitement amoung the snorkellers in the water at the time. The lucky guest was a non-diver on their first Introductory Dive, and was rumoured to have commented before the dive that she “didn’t want to see anything too big” according to Ivonne! The photos were taken by a rather surprised Reeta, from Wide Angle. We have had lots of Manta sightings this year, mostly on our mainland sights, like this beauty in Middle Garden. Other sites in Ras Mohammed have also come to life, and we have been treated to many early season sightings. 2 Tiger Sharks were seen cruising past Anemone City in early June. Shark and Yolanda never fails to let us down and this year is no exception. The Red Snapper school is already hanging out on the corner of Shark, the barracuda are back in their hundreds, and yes, the controversy continues over the species of shark which patrols the barracuda each year. The old sharmers insist its either a silky or sandbar, newcomers are still betting on an oceanic black tip. Can someone please come out and settle this once and for all??

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