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Big Stuff

The number of sharks is just getting bigger and bigger. Beginning, as we should with Ras Mohammed, Shark and Yolanda is treating us to almost daily sightings of the resident sharks… guests and staff have agreed that we have 4 residents this year, although only two seem to make regular appearances. One lucky instructor got our second whale shark this year on the same legendary site, although mantas are a regular sight there now also.

However, its August, the sea is relatively flat and that can only mean one thing for regular guests – its Hammer time! Since mid July the Hammerheads on the back of Jackson Reef in Tiran have been treating us to some sightings, and the numbers are growing every day. Red Sea College record this year is 15, counted and verified by some very excited guests. In another sighting, two were spotted coming vertically upwards, very exhilarating for those involved and also giving us this great shot!

Unusual sighting this year also continue. First place must go to the rather disorientated Hammerhead who found himself in the shallows at Ras Katy! At the same spot a leafy pipefish was identified, believed to be a first in Sharm. We have heard of a few Thresher shark sightings also this season. Regulars to our house reef will be pleased to know that the Turtles are back, although the hunt for the return of the sea horses continues!

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