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Strange question you may think and not related to masks, torches or visibility.  It’s actually more to do with my recently acquired belief that Karma is alive and well, not just on the surface, but also underwater. It’s tried and tested. Let me explain….

So, my day on the local boat starts like any other, generally sweaty at this time of year! On the way, the youngest son of a family onboard informs me that he might get in to snorkel today but he’s not sure and will let me know later. On further investigation, it turns out that he is scared of sharks. His fear is not being bitten, it’s being taken away by it (not sure which films he’s been watching?). After a quick reassurance that simply by being in my company, I can pretty much guarantee he will not see one, I see him soften a little and we head to the ladders for a swim. The reason I can make this bold claim is that I am absolutely jinxed when it comes to sharks this season. I’m thinking about offering myself up as a private guide for those who want a guaranteed shark free dive….. I can see it now “Remain shark free or your money back”….I’d make a fortune!

Anyway, back on the subject, Karma.

I noticed long ago that if I helped an old lady across the road, I would win a few quid on the lottery.  That time I handed back the fiver I saw someone drop in Tesco, my ‘lost’ passport turned up in the first place I looked (and I swear I’d checked that draw before).

Underwater, I’m convinced the same phenomenon occurs.  Over time, I’ve noticed that if I go the extra mile to help someone, soon something really cool happens. Deep breath and another go at mask clearing equals a turtle on the next dive. Help small boy get into water and see manta…. seriously, that’s what happened!

I’m glad there wasn’t more!

This convinces me that I should test the theory, rather than just let it happen. So could I increase my chances of something good turning up by being good myself? On the next dive, Amphoras, you normally end up swimming past a few hotel jetties, places notorious for litter in the water. So during the dive, I actively look for debris to pick up. At the first jetty, I spot a plastic bag snagged on some hard coral. In the pocket it goes. A while later, there’s a water bottle resting on the sand. With bulging pockets I start eyeing the blue water away from the reef.


What is my haul worth? Maybe it’ll be enough for an eagle ray?  I don’t think it’s of whale shark value, but who knows! After 5 minutes of anticipation, my question is answered…..

A SNORKEL!!!!!!!

Disappointing? Nope.  I’m over the moon for two reasons. One, that’s really handy ‘cos I lost mine the day before, but two….. I’ve proved it… Karma works underwater!

Please note: I won’t be publishing any formulas relating to nice actions versus possible rewards, and cannot be held responsible for the actions of Karma or anyone else during any third party testing of my theory.

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