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Today is an easy day, one check dive and then home.  One of the the perks of the job, an early day now and then.  Don’t forget, we don’t get a weekend as such, so we tend to take time off whenever we can, an hour or afternoon here and there makes a big difference!  As my guest comes down the steps, I play to normal game, pre-assessing them. Looks ‘normal’, seems to have a towel with him (always a good start) and has swim shorts on. I may be in for the easy day that I thought!  As he fills in the paperwork, it appears we may not be in for the breeze of a morning that I thought. It is quickly pointed out by our lovely counter girl that my guests date of birth is apparently last Wednesday. Work in this industry long enough and you’ll see this all the time. Day and month correct, but year reverts to this year. Lets call it holiday madness. That blip over with, we start to check his paperwork. Logbook? ‘Oh no, it was too big to bring’. Ok, not a big problem. License? ‘Sorry, forgot that’. Glady, thanks to the lovely people at PADI, they have an online system where we can check the certification of any PAID certified diver, to ensure they don’t miss out on any diving if they do forget to bring their card.  After hiccup number 2, we kit up and then error number 3 occurs. A forgotten weightbelt corrected (the guest, not me), we hit the water, and I have to say, I’m a little apprehensive. We’ll stay in confined I think, just to be safe!

As we descend and turn to start the skills and I’m confronted by an amazing sight, my guest looks as if he is in the most comfortable place in the world, and as he shows me his skills, he might as well be teaching me, he is so slow and happy in the water. As we head off for the dive, I’m truly amazed that someone that scatty on the surface can be as controlled and comfortable underwater. He could have headbutted the pipefish we found, he was that close, and the hovering, when we watched the banner fish, a synchronized swimmer would have been proud of.

Back at the centre, as we de-kit, I bring up the slight ‘disorganised’ issue. I’m hugely surprised when his answer is a mirror of my mother…. “No common sense, but quite clever when it comes to logic”. Is that why I love diving so much? After all, underwater it’s all logics (aka physics)

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