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My guests today are regular guests who got a bit sloppy at being regular… they haven’t been to see us in a while! One is an instructor and the other is his more than excited missus who is advanced level. This is where I have to use my discretion as to whether they should be asked to do a full scuba review or will a check dive suffice? In this industry we try provide a certain amount of professional courtesy, and as such, anyone who is a diver at a professional level is given leeway.  This is not an excuse to run wild, but most who are entitled appreciate the sentiment. My instructor guy today however is actively asking to do a check dive as he realises the importance of being weighted correctly and comfortable in the water before hitting the boats, so bay dive it is.  His wife is just happy to be back in the water and I suspect that if I asked her to repeat the alphabet backwards whilst hopping she would gladly do so if it meant she could get in and dive! (lucky escape, evil head not on)

So after a few skills, it’s straight off for a dive and it comes back naturally to them both, so I get a nice easy dive as well!

Go on…. try me…

It’s quite normal on a dive to be set a challenge by your guests. ‘I really want to see’ or ‘is there any chance we might see a…..’ Obviously whale sharks are a common wish list item, but other people are easier to please. Today, it’s all about Nemo. My guest has a thing for Nemos – baby or adult clown fish, it doesn’t matter. As long as there’s a small fish going mental when you approach, she’s happy!  And this is a guides dream…. a fish that doesn’t move too far! Pretty much every other fish moves around (strangely enough!) but this one is always in the same place. Brilliant!  Knowing that there are at least 3 Nemo containing anemones on the house reef, I am onto a winner.

As I point out the first one, I can see the excitement in her face; it’s like watching a kid open a Christmas present. After that Nemo is thoroughly worn out, it’s off to the next one, via the artificial reef. At Nemo number 2, the inhabitants are not too bothered by our presence, normally an indicator that there are no babies around or on their way.  At number 3 we have a slight accident when a badly timed fin kick explodes a load of sand up which proceeds to land in the anemone. This produces the most hilarious ‘if only fish could talk’ moment, when the female starts darting around and blowing water to displace the sand with a ‘I’ve only swept the house this morning and look what you’ve done’ attitude about her. This keeps me chuckling as we make our way to shore.

It’s then I wonder when I should start worrying about those voices in my head??

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