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This will be the regular column for the Doctors of the Hyperbaric Medical Centre (HMC), they can answer your medical queries or update you with tips to remain safe and healthy when diving. Let us start this very first column by introducing the HMC and its doctors.Operating since March 1993 Sharm el Sheikh’s HMC has become a cherished institution amongst the local community. Under the leadership of Director Dr Adel Taher; Consultant in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine and Assistant Director Dr Ahmed Sakr the centre has, to date (September 2009), successfully treated over 1000 cases of DCI.

Dr Adel, a diving instructor at the time, was the inspiration behind the multi-place and multi-lock chamber being opened in Sharm as he saw the need for a facility to specialize in diving related accidents. The chamber was built in the USA, funded by USAID and sent here under the ownership of the Egyptian Ministry of tourism.
The HMC and its Doctors deals with conditions from Cerebral Arterial Gas Embolism to fish stings and the common ear complaints. Their patients are just as varied as the nationalities of divers in Sharm and include most of the local diving professionals as well as many members of the local Bedouin community. Dr Adel has an impressive CV, as well as the Director of the HMC he is also the director of DAN-Egypt, a member of the UHMS and both him and Dr Ahmed are

members of the EUBS. Further a field they have a sister chamber in Dahab, run by Dr Haikal Abd Al Tawab next to the Dahabeya Hotel. On behalf of Red Sea Diving College we would like to thank the chamber for standing by 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

So if you have any medical queries please let us know at jochen@redseacollege.com.
The most interesting one will be discussed in our next issue. 

24 hr Emergency Hotline +20 (12) 212 42 92 –
Email: hyper_med_center@sinainet.com.eg

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