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Todays activity is the good old check dive.  Following a short period of diving inactivity, a check dive is a nice easy way to familiarise yourself with the water again.  Nothing to learn, just a proper weight check and a few basic skills to remind you

A couple of friends, who meet up for diving holidays, are my guests today. These ladies have travelled the world diving but keep returning to Sharm each year. They’ve been coming since the early 90’s and still love diving here just as much as when they first came.  It’s really nice to have guests that have been visitors for so long that still have a tangible enthusiasm for the place.

These guests are here to make the most of our unguided house reef package as they like to get a reasonably amount of beach time in, so just come and go as they please! So once I’ve gone through the skills and shown them around the reef they are then free to do their own thing.

No changes in kit have been made since their last trip so chances are the weight should be the same, but I take some extra just in case. It’s a long walk back to the centre!

In the shallows one of my ladies seems to be making a break for it. Then I realise she is merely attempting to put her fins on and making a bit of a hash up of it, hopping further and further away from shore. I decide its best to chase after her because she doesn’t have a snorkel or regulator in her mouth and the water is getting deeper and deeper.

When I catch up, her friend is laughing uncontrollably, and I can hear the giggling coming through her regulator as we descend… and as we do the skills.. and when we are swimming around. It proves to be contagious and before I know it, I’m chuckling away to myself for no apparent reason. At least they can clear a mask!

I make sure I highlight important points of reference so that when they are on their own they can get the best out of the house reef but equally important is the ability to find their way back and avoid the dreaded ‘walk of shame’. This unfortunate activity has to be undertaken should you lose your way back to the entry point and have to exit somewhere further along the bay and then need to walk back to the college along the promenade!

So with the compass headings given, concrete block locations and sun angles all observed we head back into the shallows, where the fish are venturing close to the shore today, obviously liking their chances with the snorkelers thrashing limbs!

After a quick debrief and another look at the house reef map to ensure they can visualise where we went, my work is done for the day and I’m off home to clean the flat.

It’s not all glamour!

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