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House Reef diving for me today, as my guests are on their last day and fancy a late start and a relaxing day. Who am I to complain!  With a nice late start, I get a chance to grab some breakfast and an extra coffee before I need to start my day. One McDonalds later (it’s only now and then, honest mum), and my guest are raring to go. Having done 5 days of diving, including Ras Mo, Tiran, Local, Thistlegorm and a nightdive, I can understand why they want to chill out today.

Having not dived the House Reef before, I am only guiding them for the first dive and then they can take themselves out for the rest of the day, at their own leisure.  So instead of concentrating on the fish, this dive is more about orientation, and pointing out underwater ‘signs’ that they can use to create an mental map so they can get themselves back later this afternoon.  It’s weird because I know this site like the back of my hand, so don’t really take much notice of why I go certain ways around it, it just comes naturally. But on this dive, I need to point out every block, structure and ‘point of interest’ to make it easy for them. The divers themselves are highly experienced and UK divers to boot, so with the good visibility, they should find it a breeze.

Once in the water, I ignore the shrimp, and point out the descent line instead. At the artificial reef, I point out the reef structure and ignore the butterfly fish completely. The lone lionfish doesn’t get a look in as I make sure they have noted the gulley we are about to go down.  It’s a shame my focus is on the guests (not for them obviously!), as the reef is teeming today, maybe someone is trying to ensure I get reminded of how great my job is!

Confident they have been shown everything they need, we head in and I can start packing up for the day, as they contemplate lunch and their next dive.   As I’m about to head off, someone comes in declaring a sighting of the frog fish, who I haven’t seen for ages.

Did I fancy lunch ask my guests? Only if you let me join you for the dive this afternoon!

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