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Every one at the Red Sea College was extremely saddened on Good Friday to hear that Dave the turtle had been seen at Ras Mohammed but appeared to be dead. This was extremely sad news but having received video footage of him on Easter Sunday swimming and feeding on soft coral without a care in the world we were once again overjoyed.Dave has been seen nearly every day since Easter, some times out feeding or on the surface taking air before diving again and some times hiding under an overhang just resting. It appears that, due to his necessary handling during treatment, Dave no longer has any fear of humans and will not react when approached by divers and this has resulted in more than one report of his “death”. He had a habit, when resting, of letting his bum rise and lying on his front fins with his eyes closed giving him an almost yoga like position.The Red Sea Diving College staff have been keeping a very close eye on Dave and he seems to be getting stronger all the time. His complete lack of fear is of concern and we would ask divers who encounter Dave to look, but please don’t touch. I would continue to ask divers to report all sightings, sending pictures where possible to  james@redseacollege.com

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