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As Egypt is waiting the results of an important vote this week, here I am waiting for my students.  As I mentioned last week, students do occasionally not show up for various reasons, mostly due to upset stomachs caused by the heat!  It appears this week it’s my turn and after an hour or so waiting for a phone call I can only assume they are completely wiped out and catching up on some sleep.

No unplanned work has walked in this morning, so I have two options… go home and do the washing, cleaning and general house stuff that I really could do with catching up on (not my preferred option!) or I can sit around and hope something comes up. Our beach front location, coupled with the busy promenade, means that we get a fair amount of our business from tourists who are passing by and get lured in by the noise and activity around the centre.

Today, however, it proves fruitless and by mid morning I’m getting a bit bored of hanging around. I’ve washed my kit, tidied my locker and had more coffee that is probably safe for the average human. Its then that the boss decides he fancies a lunch-break with a difference and, in the interests of safety, draughts me in to be buddy.  With the promise of lunch I agree and take the opportunity to dust off my camera and take some photos. I’ve had a digital underwater camera for some years but rarely get the chance to use it. Unfortunately photography is not a skill that comes naturally to me and my results are normally left on the camera rather than shown to anyone.

One of my better efforts!

I think everyone else in Sharm was having lunch so we had a lovely quiet dive, even the speed boats were on a break.  With the house reef to ourselves, we bimbled around, snapping shots of whatever took our fancy.  And it appears I still think that, if I do it often enough, I’ll eventually get an awesome shot of a moving fish. As the saying goes, God loves a trier!

Back on land, as I eagerly plug in the camera, I am greeted with something that comes as no surprise at all. Number of photos that are in focus and white balanced correctly…..0.Although it’s still a disappointment, its one I saw coming.

On the plus side, it’s not a bad way to spend a day off and as I glance over to the beach and look up at a clear blue sky I remember that not everyone is so lucky. And then I remember I’ve finished early enough to go home and do a few loads of washing. And possibly a quick mop of the floor…..

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