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Then we received from Hepca (Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association) the Defenders of the Sea Award.
Amr Ali presented the award to
Alain Sobol, CEO of the College 

The management and staff at the Red Sea Diving College were thrilled to receive the honour Defenders of the Sea 2007 as awarded by HEPCA (the Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association).
Amr Ali, Managing Director of HEPCA recently explained, at a press conference in Sharm, that the award had been given in recognition of the important environmental work carried out throughout 2007 by staff at the College.HEPCA is a leading NGO – Non Governmental Organisation – working in the field of marine and land conservation. Founded in 1992 by 12 members representing the diving community of the Red Sea, HEPCA is actively working towards the goal of protecting and preserving the natural resources of the Red Sea and Egypt.
Amr presented the award to Alain Sobol, CEO of the College at a ceremony at the dive centre in Naama Bay.
Red Sea Diving College projects in 2007 included:
• An attempt to rehabilitate an injured hawksbill turtle in conjunction with staff at the Ras Mohammed National Park.
• Building an artificial reef in Naama Bay and developing the “Adopt a Pot” scheme whereby all the proceeds go to the Ras Mohammed National Park fund for future projects. The artificial reef has started to take pressure of the nearby natural reef.
• An on-going Naama Bay jetty clean-up programme and regular participation in all Project Aware clean-up days.
A College spokesperson explained to us that “we are very proud in receiving this award and it is testimony to the hard work, dedication and commitment of all the staff at Red Sea Diving College”.
The environmental work of the dive centre will continue throughout 2008. There are plans to launch some environmental initiatives within the Russian diving community and there are also plans being developed to begin a coral re-grafting project – under the direction of Dr Mohammed Salem, Chief Marine Biologist from the Ras Mohammed National Park. There are also plans to link up with the Project Aware Coral Watch scheme. In Taba Heights, Red Sea Waterworld – a sister company of Red Sea Diving College – will continue its work with HEPCA in renewing the fixed moorings that prevent damage to coral.
Amr Ali from HEPCA explained that he hoped to see more dive centres active in the kind of work that the College has been carrying out.


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