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It’s a picture to die for, friends will groan with envy, but photographing Sea Horses is a tricky process, as even the slightest water movement, from divers’ fins or arms, will send them flying or if they are lucky, just into hiding. Why not use this as an opportunity to hone your underwater skills to ensure you can enjoy the Hippocampus (or any other critter) close up?

The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty course is just the preparation you need to make sure you don’t disturb any underwater organisms in your quest to get closer. You get two dives dedicated to improving your skills underwater, from hovering in a variety of positions, to maneuvering close to – but not disturbing – subjects. As you will discover, correct weighting and expert buoyancy gives you the ability to look closer for longer, as your dive time increases in your new state of relaxation while you dive.
So, you have the close up view, what about the all important evidence to prove it? With the Digital Underwater Specialty, you have the best of both worlds!

Whilst digital cameras as common as snorkels in diving now, many people are realizing that unfortunately, they are not as easy to use. Ever wondered how the bloke next to you on the boat has got great pictures, when yours are ok (ish)? Get to know your camera, spend some quality time together on your next visit. Two dives and expert tuition means that you can become friends with your camera, exploring its abilities to the full. Go on, let it show off to you!

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