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Its back to Tiran today and I’m sorry to say the drysuit has become a bit of a luxury in the biting wind, so along with the necessary fluffy undersuit, it’s all packed and good to go.
As we approach Tiran, and in a bit of comedy bad timing, I fail to see the tanker coming past and the boat suddenly lurches from side to side as I’m attempting the brief. Anyone who has been to Tiran and seen the tankers which regularly use the shipping channels will wonder how I managed to miss such a huge vessel, but what can I say, I was too busy making myself and my colleagues a nice cup of coffee.  Once the rocking subsides, we carry on, as I know from experience trying to brief in any type of wave motion is guaranteed to make at least one guest, if not the guide, feel a little under the weather!
As I climb into my suit, dressed very attractively in what looks like a padded onesie, I congratulate myself on a great choice that morning, as the water has that distinct ‘cold’ look about it. However, on jumping in it quickly become apparent that there is some freak thermocline around today and I am destined to boil in the bag today. Nevermind, I tell myself, once under it will disappear and I’ll be glad again. I head down to our maximum depth today of 30m and scour the underwater horizon for the tell tale shimmering water which tells me a change in temperature is awaiting me. But no, nothing, just clear blue water. Oh today, could you go much more wrong?The water is unbelievably clear, with some parts of the dive site visible that I swear I’ve never seen before, and the fish life is stunning (as always) but I’m sweating. Pointing out the fish is enough to make me breakout in a new wave of moisture and turning around generates enough heat to warm the average UK house for a week. I would try to tell you that this counts as a bad day at the office, but suspect you would have many better stories!
As I thank no-one in particular that nothing big and fast appeared (chasing out into the blue was not on my list of things to do today), and climb out of my suit, it becomes clear the onesie is going to require a little ‘airing’. With rumours of a shark around, I’m keen to get in, and start debating whether flooding it a little would resolve my issue. Only then, seeing my pain, does my colleague remember she has a spare suit in her box. It’s a tight squeeze, but hey, I’m not fussy!

With a leap of joy I head into the water once more, cursing my earlier wish of not seeing anything big….bring it on!

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