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Red Sea Diving College fooled their guests for a day.

The idea started many months ago with two staff walking back from lunch and gazing overhead at a low cost airline flying above. Both staff having had bad experiences on low cost airlines and their stringent baggage policies, were talking of the day when people would need to jump on the scales themselves prior to flying!

The idea

To keep a long story short, an idea was born for a practical joke for the 1st of April: What would the reaction be if dive centres began to charge their guests by bodyweight rather than as individuals? The principle being; the less you weigh the less you pay, and of course vice versa.

Ideas were flowing, emails were drafted and plans were made to organise a proper weigh-in in the centre on April 1st. All of this was done in extreme secrecy and amidst great hilarity, with everything set to roll out the morning of April 1st 2011.

Finally the day arrived and an email was sent out to all Red Sea Diving College guests introducing their ‘new and revolutionary pricelist’.

The Results

Despite there being a link in the email to a webpage informing people of the joke; many people reacted immediately. Most of the emails admitted that we had them going for a while before they had realized of course what day it was…April Fool’s Day.

Some however, did not realize and wrote essays quoting hard, well researched facts as to why they should not pay extra, only to realise we had fooled them once our response pointed out the date. Most entertaining of all, were the third group who sent in their amended booking requests, this time including a full weight overview of the family.

Here is a selection of our favourite reactions:

– “Love it!!!”

– “Could you organise a quote for me and my friend please? Me – 12 stone 7 lbs, Friend – 11 stone?”

– “Nice April fool – got me going for a moment!”

-“Is your company now run by that idiot from Ryanair?”

– “OK you win 1st April.”

To make it completely clear;  Red Sea Diving College has not and never intends to introduce a system like this. We wanted to raise the question and the discussion of what would happen if the dive industry started thinking and behaving like some of the low-cost airlines.

From all of us at RSDC ‘our apologies ladies and gentlemen’ we will never do it again … well for at least the next 12 months!

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