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So, today it’s a Discover the Red Sea course for two lovely Scottish guests. It’s the first excursion they’ve booked since arriving, so this bodes well for the enthusiasm levels! Discover the Red Sea shadows the first day of an Open Water Course, so requires some theory, but it’s kept easy so as not to confuse those who aren’t fully committed to the whole course.

A quick flip chart presentation and we are away.

One of the first things I need to do is brief the few skills we will be doing in the sea. Strangely enough, the best way to simulate the need for these basic skills is to smile. This can flood your mask and let water into your mouth and regulator. So I give my guests the choice…. either don’t smile or learn a few techniques to deal with it. Most go for the latter!

The skills are no problem for these two, they really are dream guests.  After a good swim around in the shallows, taking care to avoid the swimmers and snorkelers, it’s back to the centre for the quickest de-briefing ever. What can you say when they are acting like pros?

Our ‘proper’ dive is to a maximum of 12m, which is ideal in the bay as the gently sloping bottom gives us plenty of time to get buoyancy under control.

Just a few minutes in and while pointing out a crocodile fish taking refuge under the artificial reef, it becomes apparent we have a forth set of eyes today…. We’re being stalked by the mother Napoleon, who circle us a few times, and then seemingly satisfied we are ok, she swims off into the distance, no doubt to report back to the kids about the strange visitors.

It’s a lovely dive, and the guests are delighted at their experience but on their first trip to Egypt, diving is just one of the things on their wish-list! Who knows, maybe they will be future Open Water students. I hope so, and I hope they come back to me, ‘cos they were naturals!

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