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With access to all the dive sites having been given back to us, we’re off to Tiran today. After a few days away, it looks as lovely as ever and my group are very excited as it’s their first time in Tiran, infact their first time in Egypt diving. They were blown away by the Gardens yesterday, but I suppose if you are used to a land locked murky quarry in the UK, the Gardens would seem amazing!

Gordon is our first choice, and it looks crystal clear from the surface. And stays that way once we get in. With little current to contend with, it’s a easy dive, which is what I wanted for the relatively inexperienced divers I have. We take it nice and slowly, enjoying the fantastic colours that the sandy areas provide, the sun making patterns in the sand as we go. Uneventful, but believe me in this job, uneventful is good.

Ramping it up a little, we head to Jackson, and are treated to very little current here also. I make the most of it, and head along the aquarium wall. All the time looking in the blue for anything of interest that may go past. Lucking out, we turn around and head back along the top, this time I’m looking for the two stone fish who are quite often hanging around together. I’m looking so hard that it takes me a while to hear the incessant tank banging going on behind me. As I turn around to see what the racket is about, it takes me nearly as long to realise that I’ve literally swum over the huge green sea turtle who favours this part of the reef.  With the guests happy, it’s almost not mentioned when we get back on the boat that I missed it.


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