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Nearly 40 divers with physical disabilities visited Red Sea Waterworld Taba in November. The handicapped divers required extra levels of care throughout their underwater adventure. Some of the divers were new to the sport, while others were divers at the time of the onset of their disability and were unwilling to give up the freedom experienced during diving
  Special requirements included paraplegic divers who were accompanied by up to three caregivers in and out of the water, one for equalization and mask clearing, one to control buoyancy and one to aid propulsion.  The Waterworld staff worked tirelessly with this group and found the experience thoroughly rewarding, building bonds with each diver and creating new friendships. The divers were required to put their trust in the team, from being carried onto the boat, kitting up, and getting in and out of the water. The exercise required a great deal of teamwork and, above all, a great sense of humour. 

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