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Become the envy of all your friends with a life diving for a living. Join any one of our IDC’s for 2011 and start the career of a lifetime. If you are not yet a Dive Master then take a look at our special offers on a go-pro package. Your dream lifestyle is a mere click away .

The IDC comes with two different options, the IDC unlimited and the standard IDC. The standard IDC is exactly what it says, it is the course which allows you to start working as a PADI Open Water Instructor and is priced at only €895.

The unlimited version allows you to take an unlimited number of specialty courses which will make you more employable and versatile as an instructor, it will also help propel you up the career ladder in becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. With the IDC-Unlimited package at €995 * for the extra €100 you can give your new livelihood a boost from the outset!

We can do the IDC in English, French, Russian and Dutch!!!

*terms and conditions apply

I’m interested send me more info

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IDC Prep 10th Feb 7th Apr 2nd Jun 1st Sept 24th Nov
AI 13th Feb 10th Apr 5th Jun 4th Sept 27th Nov
OWSI 16th Feb 13th Apr 8th Jun 7th Sept 30th Nov
EFRI 21th Feb 18th Apr 13th Jun 12th Sept 05th Dec
IE 22nd & 23rd Feb 19th & 20th Apr 14th & 15th Jun 13th & 14th Sept 6th & 7th Dec
SPECIALTIES 24th Feb 21st Apr 16th Jun 15th Sept 8th Dec

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