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My guests today started their Open Water course with me yesterday and are due to carry on today. However, as I sit around waiting, watching all the other guests come and go, I get a little worried.  They are staying in town, so don’t need us to pick them up, so I just resign myself to just……waiting. Once the boat diving guests have all left, it goes strangely quiet and suddenly I realise I’m all alone!  I check with the office, and no-one has called in, so maybe it’s the old ‘slept through the alarm’, and to be fair, I have to remember that my guests are on holiday, so the occasional slip up is inevitable! There wasn’t any football last night, so at least I know the two lads didn’t stay out too late (or early depending on how you look at it!).

I’m just about to give up and interrupt my husband who is currently watching the rugby at home, when one of the boys walks into the courtyard looking a little worse for wear.  It turns out that the sudden rise in temperature that we’ve had has caught them both out, and they’ve been holed up in their hotel room since yesterday afternoon with various ailments, all bought on by dehydration. It’s a familiar story and one which we try to pre-empt as much as possible, especially in summer, but this abnormal hot spell has nearly had me as well!  With strict instructions with regard to food, water and rehydration, I pack him off home and being the good wife I am, try to think of things to do to fill my day and not interrupt the husband.

It’s after about half an hour I decide to fill my day with that rare activity – a fun dive. You forget in this job that you can dive for free whenever you fancy (buddy still compulsory!), but on a day off it’s normally the last thing you want to do.  In fact, I feel cheated if I’m in a swimming pool and not being paid. It’s strange how your priorities change over time, but I suppose that happens in any job!  I suspect my friend who runs a pub thinks the same thing – day off, go to the pub? Really??So grabbing Matt, a semi-willing participant, we gear up and go for a gentle bay dive.  I very quickly realise that it’s impossible to actually go for a dive only worry about myself. “Where’s he gone? Is that his bubbles? Am I spending too much time photographing this slug? Oh, look at that Matt”….. and it carries on!Don’t get me wrong, there are worse ways to spend a morning, and there was plenty of laughter, but I wonder if I will ever truly ‘fun dive’ again.

As we get changed and enjoy a coffee, word comes through the grape-vine that Hammerheads have been spotted at Jackson. Fun dive you say???

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