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As a dive centre we were recently very touched by the plight of 4 dolphins being kept in a swimming pool outside a Hurghada villa. These poor creatures had been bought to Egypt from Japan and until their new dolphinarium was built, they had been placed in appalling conditions. The Youtube video posted on Facebook created such publicity and outrage and spurred the Egyptian authorities into action. HEPCA (a marine conservation organization based in Hurghada) stepped in and now the dolphins are being moved to a private salt lake of their own.
The issue remains of dolphinariums in Egypt, any company that can keep these beautiful creatures in such conditions is not capable of running a dolphin show. Reports indicate that the pool was 9m x 9m and with an ineffectual filtering system the visibility was less than 20cm.
As long as dolphin shows are allowed in Egypt things like this will continue to happen, the following link is to the petition site campaigning against all captive dolphins in Egypt.
www.thepetitionsite.com/16/stop-dolphin-captivity-in-Egypt Please take the time to complete this and register your views.

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