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We’re excited and pleased to announce that once againRed SeaDivingCollegeand PURE continues to lead the way in the global and regional diving industry, with the announcement of our new rebreather programs for 2012.  The PADI recreational closed circuit rebreather course is now available and utilises the most user friendly and convenient unit on the market, the fully automated Posedion MK6.


So, this month we take a look at the growing trend of Rebreather diving, answer some basic questions so hopefully you too can experience the joys they bring!



Rebreathers: The Basics

First, a Few Questions:

Are you very thirsty during and after your longer dives?

Are you cold after a couple of dives even though you are wearing an appropriate exposure suit?

Are you seeing less marine life on your dives than you should?

Do you have to surface because your gas supply is depleted before you’re ready to leave?

Does your back hurt from carrying doubles and stage bottles?

Would you like to be able to dive with Helium-based gasses, without spending hundreds of euros per dive?

Would you like a way to accelerate decompression, yet carry fewer stage/deco bottles?

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