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To celebrate Earth Week RSDC staff once again organised clean ups, but how do you think it managed to involve a Manta or two, a truck load of Coca Cola bottles and a pair of Oakleys?

Red Sea Diving College has once again gone all out to support the latest Project AWARE clean up day, this time in recognition of Earth Week 2007, with more weird and wonderful discoveries!As is the tradition, all guests were offered free 3rd dives if they used it to gather rubbish from the reefs, and as usual, most of them took up the offer to do their bit for Sharms reefs. All who participated received a Project AWARE certificate to recognise their contribution.
In solution to a long time problem in Sharm, Red Sea Diving College staff took part in a special clean up – underneath Naama Jetty. Guests will no doubt have noticed the presence of hundreds of discarded fizzy drink Bottles. These have been collecting under the jetty for many years and have become an eye sore, so Red Sea Diving College obtained special permission to dive the jetty and carry out the clean up.Once the boats had left for the day, the divers descended into what was assumed by many to be the final resting place of this bottle collection, and immediately had to spring into action, given the size of the task – and the jetty being open for traffic again in a few hours! In a cleverly planned operation, the divers loaded bottles into dive crates which were lifted to the surface before being emptied and submerged again, creating an impressive conveyor belt, not dissimilar to assembly line where the bottles originated! In total, 3 truck loads – 47 dive crates worth were recovered, although Divemaster Trainee James Mason needed more help exiting the water than the bottles! Rather surprisingly, a fish trap was also recovered.The clean-up was of such a scale that unfortunately it could not be completed in one day, but plans are already underway for part two.

Further a field, Red Waterworld at the Hyatt and Taba were busy getting guests involved, including the services of 10-year old Amelia, who was more than happy to get her hands dirty, especially after receiving a Project AWARE certificate as well as her diving certification all in one week! More than most kids can boast in an Easter Holiday!And one boat was offered a very unusual clean up opportunity. On a local site, they were treated to a Manta who wanted to know what all the activity was about. Luckily, due to the size of this creature, everyone on the dive managed to see it and the ones with cameras were suddenly very distracted. So distracted in fact that they failed to see the second Manta hanging out in the blue! The guide, Robin and his Divemaster trainee James, ever the conservationists, noticed a strange addition one Manta, and came away from the dive with more than a memory – 9 metres of fishing line, previously attached to the giant!The clean-up was a resounding success as usual, with enthusiasm shown from everyone involved. However the pair of Oakleys that were reportedly found strangely never quite made it to the collection pile, which all went for recycling.


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