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After a few well deserved days off, it’s back to work for me. My guests have been a little ill for a few days, so it’s day 4 of an open water course today. We are headed for the local boat to complete their last 2 qualifying dives. It’s nice to get them out on the boat so they have some experience of boat diving when they certify. It means they can carry on diving for the rest of their holiday, safe in the knowledge they can get themselves on and off a boat! It really helps with confidence for those first few days as a ‘newbie’.

As we moor up at the Gardens, we go through the skills they are to complete. Bear in mind, they have nothing new to learn at this point, it’s all about showing me they can repeat skills they have already mastered in slightly deeper water. It’s realistic, as a flooded mask or lost regulator is far more likely to happen at sub 6 metres than in 1 metre of water!  Dive 3 goes to plan, and after a surface interval, we are headed for the last dive! As we descend into the crystal clear waters, I settle the boys and they complete their skills in seconds. They have been like this the entire course, so a spot of hovering was never going to faze them! Neither does throwing in a quick mask removal.

With the skills out of the way, we are free to enjoy the dive, and make the most of the beautiful conditions today. It’s that clear that I spend a lot of time looking out into the blue, it feels like that kind of day (of course whilst keeping a beady eye on the students…multitasking is my specialty!).However, with nothing coming into see us, we are instead kept occupied by a cool purple stone fish (not the best camouflage I must say) and a lovely Napoleon keeping his eye on us as he cruises past. On our safety stop we are treated to a magnificent octopus display, changing colour as he moves between crevices in the reef, looking for a place to stay and hang out for a while!

Another day, another couple of certified divers, and by the look on their face, they are already addicted! What other job would give me such satisfaction every single day? Suggestions on a postcard…..

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