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Today I’m being treated to what should be an easy day. Check dives. I’m already plotting what to do with the rest of my day as I get to work.  Bit of shopping, maybe lunch somewhere nice, oh and a whole lot of sitting on the sofa.  Typically people doing a check dive haven’t dived for a while and just want a nice easy bay dive to familiarise themselves with diving again.

As my guests walk in, I notice their huge bags and this tells me they are serious enough that they have their own kit. My guests are an ‘older’ couple, but after certifying an 84 year old a few years ago, I have no preconceptions as to their ability.

Having said that, I get a little concerned when they open the bags and produce a brand new shiny set of kit each. As I leave them to get kitted up, I have a little sneaky peak from behind the counter, and see that they are chatting away, setting up their equipment like pros. It’s only then I check their registration paperwork and realise they have over 1000 dives between them! As we have the briefing, I enquire about the equipment, at which point it becomes clear why they want a check dive when they only dived last month. It turns out that one has just retired, and they used some of his pension to treat themselves to a new set of kit each. This will be the first time they’ve dived in it and they want to make sure they are comfortable before starting to boat dive. It sometimes happens that the most experienced guests are also the most sensible, and this is one of these times.

This little fella popped his head out to say hello!

When we plan the dive, we agree that they would be better to spend time in the shallows ‘playing’ with the equipment to see where the adjustments are, how the air moves in the BCD and to adjust the masks. I’m fine with that, it makes a change.

In the water it becomes apparent that the suits are a little more buoyant than first though and I’m glad I overweighted myself significantly. The walk up the beach is not something to be taken lightly in full kit multiple times!

Once under we really don’t get up to much. Staying in the shallows, I have a bimble around and close up look in the sand while they are checking various valves and pockets. With just enough time for a little swim around, we finish the dive and return to the centre.

My guests are happy that everything works as it should and rinse their gear ready for tomorrow.

As I pack my gear (unrinsed of course, it’s only the salt that holds it together), my only concern is where to go for lunch!

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