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Snow day!! Well, not snow literally, but I have an unexpected day off. My guests have disappeared. Well, that’s not technically true either. They would have had to show up to then be declared missing. It’s a hazard of the job that occasionally guest get sick or as in this case, don’t turn up for something they have booked. We’ve tried to call the hotel, who have no record of them staying there. Maybe they changed hotels and forgot to tell us, but there is nothing we can do today as the boat has left.
However, never short of something to do, I give my kit a wash (it’s an annual event, and I’m surprised the fresh water didn’t cause the kit to dissolve along with the salt!) and attempt to get my locker in some sort of order. Student record files, which must be kept for 7 years, are uncovered and suitably filed. Course outlines are tidied up and I even manage to find the spare fin strap I was looking for the other day.
With such a productive morning, I treat myself to a McDonalds breakfast- please don’t judge me – and head home.  Just as I get in the door, my phone goes and it’s the call I was expecting, the guest has called in.
At least the reason is original. Apparently his smart phone is not so smart and decided overnight that the time difference was an extra hour and therefore they have been waiting patiently for us….a hour late! The guest is very understanding, and re-booked for tomorrow, meaning the afternoon is all mine to sit and catch up on the last episode of a TV series that I fell asleep in front of last night.

Gutted at having got up for nothing? No, now just keep the noise down, it’s getting to the good bit!

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