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For most non divers, the offer of fish soup would conjure up images of a steaming bowl of seafood broth packed full of flavor, however if you’re a Red Sea Diver you will know the difference.   September is still ‘fish soup’ season and this year has been an exception, we are talking about the massive shoals of mating fish spawning on the reefs of Ras Mohamed and Tiran – hence the name ‘fish soup’.

Some divers claim they literally have to push the fish out of their way in order to continue the dive, that’s how thick our Red Sea fish soup is. Some doubters claimed stocks were suffering from over fishing by small boats poaching the favoured ‘Blue Shoal’ or ‘Spangled Emperor’ fish know for its sweet tasting flesh; however this year may be due to the reduced number of divers there seems to be increased sightings of not only shoals of Snapper and Jacks but also pelagic species.

Facebook postings are getting a tad boring; everyday dive guides post ‘3 White Tips, Whale Shark, Manta Ray, Devil Ray, Hammerhead at Temple etc. etc. Yes we did say Hammerhead at Temple. So really if you couldn’t make it in July make sure you make it for September as we are still teeming with fish.

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