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Your supermarket rewards you, so why shouldn’t your dive centre?

Back in 2007 we launched our Platinum Points Scheme, to reward our loyal guests, and its still going strong.

For every euro you spend with us, we give you points that you can exchange for free diving goodies.  3rd Dive? No problem. Extra days diving? Sure. Or you can collect points over multiple trips and save for something really special….. how about a week on our liveaboard VIP One??

Don’t worry if you didn’t know! Just by diving with us you have had an account set up for you. If you want to check your balance, just drop us an email to info@redseacollege.com including your full name, and we will have a look for you.

We regularly change the rewards, so check the website before your next visit, so you know what you can claim.

As a very special offer (that will not last for long) we are adding a special reward to our list – A STAFF T-SHIRT. Oh yes, the much coveted and never before available staff t-shirt will be on the reward list for a limited time. You cannot purchase one with cash and it is only available in resort, so get planning your next visit!


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