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Course Overview

Boat diving is an exciting way to dive and in Sharm el Sheikh the only way to reach some of the best dive sites.  If you are new to boat diving and are interesting in PADI Speciality courses then try the PADI Boat Diver course. The Red Sea Diving College has a fleet of purpose built dive boats for you to complete the PADI Boat diver speciality onboard.  Your PADI dive Instructor will explain the the important difference between the galley and the head, elaborate on entries and exits plus explain how to treat and prevent sea sickness. This is an essential course for either first time boat divers or those who simply want to develop their knowledge, plus it goes towards the PADI Master SCUBA diver rating. 


Duration & Content


1 day on the boat


Knowledge development

  • The planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of boat diving.
  • Proper boat diving etiquette- storage of personal equipment, personal conduct and considerations for care of the boat.
  • Basic, common boat terminology.
  • Local boat diving laws and/or ordinances.
  • Specific boat diving laws and/or ordinances.
  • Overview of emergency/safety equipment needed on-board private diving vessels.

2 open water dives


Open Water Diver, Junior Open Water or equivalent 1 recreational dive before the course to check weights, buoyancy and equipment

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