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Course Overview

By becoming a PADI Advanced Open Water diver you will have touched deep diving.  Going deep is fascinating and interested but it requires a higher skill set and discipline. 

The PADI Deep diver speciality will give you valuable skills and an educated understanding of how it feels and what happens when you dive to deeper depths.

The Red Sea topography offers some spectacular wall dives, amazing coral structures and some awesome wrecks at deeper recreational diving depths. To really enjoy these sites you need to be comfortable and confident. To get the best out of your Red Sea diving holiday sign up for the PADI Deep diver course.

The PADI speciality course will give you the opportunity to develop the knowledge and confidence to plan and organize dives of up to 40 metres. Discover new procedures, how to avoid different hazards and problems and of course how to make sure you enjoy these greater depths.


What's Involved
Duration & Content


2 days


Knowledge development

  • the planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of deep diving
  • risk factors and decompression-tables review
  • safety stops and emergency decompression procedures
  • special equipment, descent lines and buoyancy-control considerations
  • procedures for flying after diving
  • orientation to recompression chambers

4 Open water divers to maximum 40m


Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent
Older than 15 years
1 recreational dive before the course to check weights, buoyancy and equipment.

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