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Course Overview
With the warm waters of the Red Sea it’s easy to find your dive is over before your air.  Get the most out of your Red Sea holiday and take the PADI enriched air Nitrox course and increase your dive time. The PADI enriched air Nitrox course is the perfect solution to extending your bottom time and reducing your surface intervals.  Your PADI Instructor will train you whilst you are out diving so you will see the benefits from the first day. If your air consumption is not the limiting factor to your dive time then the PADI encriched air Nitrox diver certificate will increase your enjoyment of the Red Sea; as quite simply you can stay longer in this amazing environment of colourful coral, fantastic fish life and amazing wrecks. Take the next step in your SCUBA adventure and learn how to plan and conduct dives using Enriched Air up to 40% O2. The PADI enriched air Nitrox diver is one of our most popular courses and it is easy to see why – extended bottom time.



What's Involved
Theory sessions

Duration & Content


1/2 day or while boat diving


Knowledge development 2 practical applications



Open Water Diver or equivalent Older than 12 years  

What this qualification means
You will be able to hire and dive with enriched air up to 36%

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