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Course Overview
The Red Sea offers an immense array of fish life and coral life that it is every divers dream to be able to SCUBA dive amongst them.  The PADI underwater naturalist will give you an in-depth knowledge that will really highlight your SCUBA experience. It is so much more rewarding to know about the different species of fish and how they interact with the delicate eco-system. The PADI underwater naturalist will give you the knowledge to be able to identify pelagic fish, understand symbiosis and know why Nemo lives in an anemone. Take the PADI Underwater Naturalist over just one day and learn how to identify fish, corals and plants as well as discovering ways to protect the environment. If you have a passion for the aquatic environment then this is the course for you.

What's Involved
Duration & Content


1 day


Knowledge development (from the PADI Advanced Open Water manual) 2 open water dives  

Open Water Diver, Junior Open Water or equivalent 1 recreational dive before the course to check weights, buoyancy and equipment.

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