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Another days guiding and it’s off to RasMo.  I have to say it looks a little lumpy today so not going to be my favourite day this week, but hey, it’s a small price to pay to live the dream!  We get away quick and when we turn the corner I breathe a huge sigh of relief, as it’s gone flat. I have some sympathy for the boat going to Tiran today, as it looks like they will bear the brunt of the wind.

At Ras Ghamila, the sea remains flat as we get in. Gathering together my group, it becomes apparent that one of the divers is having problems with her ears. The joy of a wall dive is that this is not a problem, as that buddy team can take their time coming down as I have a clear view of them above us. Being the considerate guide that I am I bring my group slightly away from the wall to prevent the slower team being treated to a buoyancy altering jacuzzi from beneath and carry on, albeit slowly. After a few minutes they are with us and I can carry on normally. We have a lovely dive and really enjoy the main attraction of the site, the huge Gorgonian fans. They must be at least a couple of hundred years old judging by their size, which is why we get really upset when someone accidentally bumps into one. You have to be even more confident of your divers if you want to point out the tiny Long Nose Hawkfish that perfectly blend in with the fans’ contours. With this lot I’m quite happy to slow down and take the time to find one (actually two but I don’t want to boast about my amazing spotting skills too much).
Our second dive is just as nice, opting to miss out our normal staple of Shark Reef and head to Shark Observatory. No sharks sadly, but an amazing landscape (or should that be ‘reefscape’??)

Either way, a great day out with some really good divers always keeps me happy!

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