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We would like to apologise for our recent April Fools joke that had many of you excited, shocked or scared! No great white shark was seen, it was all a fib and we are sorry (but still laughing just a little bit)!
On the morning of 1st April, we sent news via email & Facebook that a great white shark had been spotted in Ras Mohammed a few days previously.
To lend some weight to the claim, there was a (rather dubious) picture, coupled with quotes from a long time and well known dive guide as well as the fictitious guest who apparently took the picture – Mr D Roopey. Just to add insult to injury, a special email address was set up for inquiries, which many of you used to add comments.
Don’t think you were the only one who fell for it….the amount of responses surprised everyone, as the emails flooded in with comments ranging from congratulations to saying they were glad it was a joke as the Red Sea would have been off their holiday list otherwise.
The next day, to put everyone out of their misery, a dedicated web page appeared, which informed any visitors that it was indeed a wind up – a site which amazingly attracted more that 1000 visits in the first 3 hours. On the plus side, because we felt so guilty, the page included a special diving offer for all of those who believed it! Red Sea Diving College thanks everyone for their participation, and a special mention to our training manager who still believed it was true on the 4th April!!

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