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A nice gentle introduction to 2015 means I have a check dive and then an afternoon in the office to cover someones dentist appointment (we still have to do ‘regular stuff’, it’s just harder to organise!).  My guest is a single girl who learn to dive with me last year and has followed up on her promise to return. And New Year is a great time. The water hasn’t got cold yet and whilst everyone at home is taking down the decorations and preparing for returning to work, my guest is living it up in the sunshine.

From memory, this lady had great air consumption, so we should get a lovely long dive, and the bay is crystal clear at the moment, meaning more chances of spotting the eagle rays in the distance. She remembers how to kit up (yey!) and remembers the buddy check. Not bad after a year of non diving, I’ve seen plenty of people who forget overnight.  In the water she executes a perfect weight check and soon we are running through the skills of our check dive. Mask, regulator, buoyancy, all no problem. I would like to boast that I was obviously a fantastic teacher, but some people are just naturally better than others!

Our dive is just as lovely as I imagined, and her great buoyancy means I can get her up close and personal with the pipefish, one of which is heavily pregnant. Next a beautiful nudibranch is up for inspection, and attempts a slow get away as we gaze at her. (Think tortoise in treacle, you get the idea).  As we venture over the sand, the clear water allows me to see two baby eagle rays, circling in the distance and although I’m excited, I know not to chase them. They hate it, and will flee quicker than I can do the handsign. However, our patience is rewarded today, as we sit on the sand, just staring. They inch closer and closer, coming nearer with every circuit. Eventually, they are both so close, we could have touched them, but obviously dont. My guest, for one, is so entranced, she’s frozen to the spot.All too soon they get bored with us, and head off. We do the same, finishing our dive with a little celebration dance.

And then all too soon, I’m changed and in the office, left with only memories of the dive, but ones that I won’t forget in a hurry. And at least I’m in the office and not the dentist! Don’t worry, my time will come……..

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