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Due to Desi, a very special member of our counter team having a birthday, we decided to put on an underwater sporting event.

By Paul Whitehead

Due to Desi, a very special member of our counter team having a birthday, we decided to put on an underwater sporting event.After much thought and planning and long deliberation we came up with the following games; wheel barrow race(using alternate air source), piggy back race( also using alternate air source), egg and spoon race, balloon blowing race, forward roll race and pyramid formation as a finale.Two teams were randomly selected from the available staff that were not too knackered to enjoy a good laugh at their own expense as the event was organised after a days work.We had representatives from France, Egypt, Russia and the United Kingdom. And two team captains were selected randomly who both happened to be Russian. Team A captained by Andrey and including Duncan, Jennie, Oliver, Victor and Shokry. Team B captained by Jenya and including Claire, Pete, Herve, Karen, Marnie, Sveta, Jackson and Olga.
Due to the Sharm IDC running over, a couple of members of staff were tied up with work. Garry, John and Edd from Andrey’s team could not make it which meant their team started with a big disadvantage. It proved later that Jenya’s team had their own disadvantage as Herve sabotaged his own team members without realising it!
Jennie was clearly the queen of the forward roll race as she annihilated Pete – a giant by comparison who we now know has a distinct lack of coordination.
Team B took the egg and spoon race by storm and a little distraction technique secured them the win.
The wheelbarrow race was taken to the line but won by team B but the balloon-blowing race was an easy decision for team A.
The pyramid formation was better coordinated and executed by team A so a draw was the conclusion and every one retired to the College for beer and birthday cake with a mind to do it all again on the 15th of July. To see how many teams we can pit against each other we will be inviting guests to put a team together and a management team who know we may get to the point were we challenge other dive centres to compete.
A big, big thank you to Federico for allowing the event to take place our special spectators Desi, Dima, Katya and Kayleigh and all team members for participating.

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