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When diving your equipment is your life support machine, as such it is vitally important to take care of it. When ever you purchase new gear the instruction manual will give full details on how to take care of and maintain your kit but here are some general recommendations which should help prolong the life of your equipment.

1. Rinse with fresh water
One of the great things about your dive kit is that it is designed to work underwater, this means that it can be fully submerged in fresh water after a dive. Salt, chlorine or general lake particles will help corrode or perish many parts. A good rinse off, complete dry and then cool storage will keep your kit working for many more years.
2. Be streamlined
Apart from affecting buoyancy and air consumption, badly streamlined kit can cause un-necessary damage to your gear. Dangling hoses, gauges or alternate air-sources will snag on coral, bang against rocks and fill with sand as it drags along the bottom.
3. In and outside
You should rinse both the inside and outside of your BCD. Make sure to drain the water, then always store your BCD partially inflated.
4. Frequently inspect
Regularly inspect your mask strap, fin straps, snorkel and regulator mouthpieces and hoses for any sign of wear and tear. Sunlight, stretching and teeth easily damage these items so you might need to replace them sooner than expected.
5. Handle scuba tanks with care
They are heavy and you shouldn’t leave them standing up unattended – they can fall over and damage the valve or nearby toes.

For extra tips on Equipment Maintenance and advice on the differing techniques take the PADI Equipment Specialty which offers a unique insight into the maintenance and care of your own equipment.
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