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With the launch of the new PADI rebreather course the world of ccr is more and more accessible, this month hints and tips are designed to help you navigate your way easily into a whole new way of diving.

1)     Don’t set your mind on a specific rebreather model before you have even tried one. It is very easy to get carried away by the opinion of friends and end up with a unit that suits them rather than you! Try several different models and decide which suits you. Most rebreather manufacturers will deduct the cost of the try dive from the purchase price of the unit and therefore the trial will cost nothing. Here at PURE it is possible to do a trial day where you can try up to 6 different units.

2)     Try the unit in the sea, it is not designed for pool use and therefore you will not get the full rebreather experience. Shallow pools will make buoyancy an increased challenge and the main benefit of rebreather diving is the closer encounter with fish that bubble free diving brings…unless your pool has fish it is impossible to truly reap the benefits unless in the sea.

3)     Accept the fact that no matter how experienced you are on open circuit, closed circuit is a different world and you are starting at the beginning! CCR is not difficult, but it is different, the more experienced you are in diving the bigger the change of your mindset will be. Don’t try for expect perfection on your first dive, it will simply frustrate you and spoil the experience as you bounce from sand to surface 😉

4)     Try to understand how diving with CCR works. They are different to closed circuit, but they do also work in a very logical manner. Simply by listening to your instructor during the briefing you will find that the differences are clearer and far easier to work with.

5)     Prepare to discover a whole new world as you become a bubble less diver. Diving the same sites with the same fish suddenly takes on a whole new world when the timid fish scared by the noise of divers suddenly find themselves curious of this large and quiet presence. Coming in to take a close look you will find encounters with fish are far closer than usual. By not having to worry about your air consumption and the extended no-decompression limits a host of dive sites and areas become accessible as you discover parts that other divers can not reach.

To book your rebreather experience just contact tek@redseacollege.com  and if you want to find out more; the book mastering rebreathers is available from our online partner www.simplyscuba.com

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