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Wow. It’s like being in a blast furnace already and we haven’t even hit June yet. It’s gonna be a hot summer this year.  The water is still not hot though, so wetsuits are still needed, but it makes for a sweaty kit up!  Today we are headed to Tiran, I’m private guiding a repeat guest, so I’ve got an easy day, it really is like fun diving! I’m still on the hunt for an elusive Manta, but know that it is far more likely on the third dive when we are at a local site. I suppose I’ll just have to ‘tolerate’ the next two dives….

At Thomas we are treated to very little current, and can take our time looking at the glorious fans as we hover above the abyss that is the Canyon. Watching the tech divers descend reminds me that I really must dust off my techincal gear and do a dive while it’s so nice. The dive is stunning, with crystal clear water meaning we can see for what seems like miles. The massive tuna make and appearance, and as always, at least one of the group in front of me think they have seen a shark.

As we sit out the second dive, a spot of sunbathing and general gossiping gets me and my guests through the next hour. As we cruise back to the Gardens for the third dive, suddenly the boat engines back off, and everyone jumps up and heads to to the bow, expecting dolphins. What we get is a huge surprise, and a first for me…. Mantas, yep, plural, on the surface. They don’t seem bothered by the boats that have gathered, and go about doing whatever it is they are doing. After a few amazing minutes,  they are finished their display, and head back down to the depths.
Diving in Sharm…. never predictable. Love it!


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