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The Mantas keep on coming, and I’ve not been part of action at all, being in the bay all week. However, I’m off out on the boat to finish my guests Advanced Course today. It’s local, which is great because it’s been where all the action is!  Lucky bikini is packed and we are off to the Gardens for the morning.

The Deep dive is first up, and with such great visibility I can even show my guests the ripples on the surface as we settle at 30m to begin our skills. Our gauge comparison shows that my guests kit is actually very accurate, showing the exact same depth as my computer. With time for a swim around at depth, we are treated to, a lovely moray, not a pretty creature at the best of times, but decidedly ugly when drained of colour!

Our second dive brings a change of dive site and a good chance of seeing a Manta (well, as good as any).  With just a little fish ID to do, I decide, with my guests full agreement, to get it out of the way as quick as possible so as to have maximum time to peer into the blue. It’s really not hard here, spotting multiple fish species. In fact, you’d have to be swimming with your eyes shut to not finish the list within a few minutes! Butterflyfish? Tick. Scorpion? Tick, well, you get the idea. And so, a few minutes have passed and we are already on Manta watch. Your eyes play tricks after a while, and you think you can see something in the distance, and you have to keep rubbing your eyes, metaphorically obviously, to reset your vision. The best way is to have a gaze at the beautiful reef surrounding you, before staring back out.

Sadly nothing arrives, but in Sharm it’s all about the anticipation. You’ve got to be in it to win it….

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